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 Player rules

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Player rules Empty
PostSubject: Player rules   Player rules Icon_minitimeFri Apr 20, 2012 4:01 am

Okay guys ima make this clear. thanks to you all for joinning this server, but this is a Server With Discipline so please respect all the rules here.
Player rules:

Use Hack or any 3rd party program
Abuse Any Exploit
Steal Stuff From Our Server
Use Other WZ besides Our WZ
Use Other Client (or clients)
Use Ultimited Flash jump
WZ Edit Files
Advertise any other server or your server
Don’t Advertise our server on any other server
Begging GM/Owner
Disrespect GM/Owner
Say Someone is KSing You, The MAP isn’t yours
Act Like a GM/Owner, We already have

These are the Rules, You Must FOLLOW these rules. If any of you break the rules there is a high chance you will get JAIL/Ban. You have been warned...
(fixed the typos) -Spirit-
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Player rules
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